Arsenal versus Chelsea on Saturday

There are many fun football games to bet on in 2019 but there a few better than others. The game between Arsenal and Chelsea is supposed to be one of the best games of the season. It is expected high amounts in betting and many companies are giving extra bonuses and offers to make the experience even better. At they are writing about this game of the games for 2019. It will be a fun game to watch. Continue reading this post to learn more about the game and get some tips on what team you should bet on!

Current position in the league

Chelsea is currently ranked 4 in the Premier League and Arsenal 5. If Chelsea wins they have the chance to reach number 3 in the league and still have a chance for the top positions. Arsenal is already quite a few points behind but things can happen quickly in football. Both teams have a quite healthy team and which make the preparation good. This is a home game for Arsenal.

Which team to bet on?

Betting is always risky and there are no guarantees. If you check the statistics is says the Arsenal has a 32% chance of winning and Chelsea 41%. The rest 27% is for a draw. This makes the odds for Arsenal winning pretty good. Arsenal is the home team. They have had a few quite good games in the past and are hungry to win again. Even though Chelsea is the favourite we actually think that to bet on Arsenal in this game is a better play. It is a tricky game so you might want to wait until the actual game happens and play a so-called live betting bet. Then you can quickly understand the feeling of the game.

arsenal chelsea 2019

To summarise Arsenal vs Chelsea 19 of January

To end this post we would like to say that this is a tough play. We believe that both teams have the same chance of winning. The point is that Arsenal has higher odds and should therefore be seen as a better alternative to place your money on. Remember that you have to be 18+ to play with money. Only play at licensed casino sites in the UK and play for fun. Best of luck.

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