Euro 2020 – Postponed due to Coronavirus

Europe is the new epicentre for the Coronavirus spread and all the infected countries are doing everything they can to flatten the curve. The world has some really challenging times ahead and no one really knows how this is going to affect us all the coming years. Since the Euro 2020 is supposed to have 12 host countries around Europe. This is not a good thing in trying to minimize the spread so the decision in postponing sounds right. The health of the visitors, staff and players must be the number one priority right now!

What can we do to flatten the curve

Now it is important to the world and football that we all do what’s needed to surpass this virus. It all depends on us and its time to act right now! It’s important that we do social distancing, stay at home as much as possible and wash your hand’s. So if we do this for 2-3 months we can probably avoid unnecessary pressure on the hospitals. Don’t take this lightly it is so important and every expert says the same thing. It is not for not nearly all countries in Europe have lockdown right now! So let’s all take this seriously and we’ll get through this together! Rember these three easy steps to flatten the curve wash your hands, use a tissue for coughs and avoid touching your face. euro2020 covid-19

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When will it Euro 2020 be played?

What we know now is that it’s planned for next summer instead. That means it will be played the same year as Women’s European Championship and  European Under-21 Championships. So if everything will go as we hope, that we beat this nasty virus Covid-19 and as much as possible will go back to normal. We will have a summer of so much great football next year it’s insane. But we dare not speculate if it really is possible to play the Euro 2020 already next year. If you follow the news about the coronavirus right now it is chaos, but it is important not to be panicked.



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