GTA online casino

2019 really is the year of online casinos. Apart from all the great technical developments we have seen in the online casino sector, the borders between gaming and gambling are becoming even more blurry with the launch of GTA Online Casino Diamond Casino & Resort. For some time now we have tried to enter the big building in downtown Vinewood and now the doors are finally open. There has been a lot of excitement among those who play video games and online casinos since the opening of Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA on 23 July 2019.

Some controversies with the new GTA online casino DLC

The new casino feature is a dream come true for many Grand Theft Auto (GTA) players worldwide. It’s actually because of the players that Rockstar Games finally decided to add casinos to GTA.

The current debate surrounding this new addition of online casino is whether it meets the gambling legislations around the world. Recently the UK Gambling Commission confirmed that loot boxes, which many consider very similar to online casinos, that loot boxes are not yet classified as a form of gambling. However, the Gambling Commission in Belgium has stated otherwise and there are a lot of differences in how to address various forms of gaming and gambling based on random number generators (RNGs).

With Rockstar Games adding an entire online casino to GTA, a hugely popular game around the world will take the discussion regarding the differences between gambling and gaming into a new level. Diamond Casino & Resort will undoubtedly be a popular addition to the game. But what will legislators and regulators say?

There are more features than just the online casino in the new addition in GTA. It comes complete with a rooftop infinity pool, lots of new fun missions to complete and of course the new online casino. While the majority are over-hyped about the new supplement, there are some concerns about the consequences it may have. Players will be able to spend money in the game at the casino’s slot machines and card games such as roulette, blackjack and poker games. And that is exactly where the battle will be.

Is it a form of gambling?

Spending coins in GTA at the virtual casino is not the biggest problem, you can do that in many other games before the GTA online casino. The main question is that players can now buy the game’s currency (GTA$) in the game from the online store at GTA with real money.

This money can be spent on anything that upgrades their character and account including cosmetics, vehicles and other goods, i.e. goods that have a value in the real world. Hence with the casino in the game, you will be able to buy markers, win more in-game money and buy goods with a monetary value. On the other hand, the funds gained from the casino can only be used in-game and some mean that in-game money and goods do not hold real value. As both sides can argue quite well for their position we are likely in for a legal battle, if not Rockstar themselves decides to do something.

GTA online casino

GTA online casino future

Many experts in the gaming industry have welcomed the move to add an online casino to GTA but criticize the developers for allowing the purchase of real money markers as it can create a bad and costly experience for the players. Some are even expecting that Rockstar will start using “traditional” casino promotions like welcome bonuses and free spins on signup no deposit.

Even if we love online casinos, we think that Rockstar Games probably needs to think hard on how they allow players to use the GTA online casino. A very important concern is that the addition of an online casino could harm those with potential gambling addiction. Currently, there are major problems around the world when it comes to the growing number of gambling addicts and it is hard to believe that Rockstar Games will risk their brand and game, just to make a few traditional online casino revenues. Most GTA players are just happy to play the game, that they can wager some virtual money and that their wish is being met. Most likely the GTA online casino will stay virtual and that real-money gambling with withdrawals will not be allowed in the end.

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