UK casino and sports betting site enters Nigeria – Blackbet!

For people in the UK that is interested in sports betting, Blackbet has been a famous brand for some time now. The Blackbet website is provided by FSB Technology Ltd in the UK and has a full licence and is regulated by the Gambling Commission. Except for a large focus on sports bet, people in the United Kingdom has also been able to play on many different casino games. Now, this huge betting site has moved to Africa and started up Blackbet Nigeria. Naturally, we had to take a quick look at this new Nigerian betting site and how it differs from the UK one. We have some Nigerian readers since English is the main spoken language in Nigeria. Due to this, we thought this might be of interest for some of you. And, this is a clear sign of more and more gambling sites stepping into African territory.

Blackbet in Nigeria – What is new?

So, even though it looks the same at the first line of sight, there might be something that is different between the Nigerian and English version of this site. Except, of course, the currency and some other classic stuff, we found some interesting things.

blackbet nigeria
Blackbet enters Nigeria

First off, at the moment it doesn’t hold a casino section at all actually. We have heard that this is about to change in the future. But, at the moment Nigerian players don’t seem to gamble a lot on slot machines and poker tables. Sports betting is their one and only thing, why this is what we see a lot of.

But it’s not only bad stuff with the Nigerian Blackbet version. The recently launched Super Sunday Bonus is something that we sure miss out on in the UK. Every Sunday, you get to claim a 20% bonus when making a deposit. So, if you are going to gamble at Black bet in Nigeria, think about making your big deposits on Sundays!

Cashmo Casino from 2019

After reading this review of Cashmo casino from 2019 we wanted to try it out for ourselves. In this post, we will tell you all about our experience throughout our journey. From signing up, use payment methods, claim bonus, play games, use customer service, make a withdrawal. Last we will give out a summary of this new UK casino from 2019.

Signing up at Cashmo Casino

To signup at Cashmo is a simple 4 step process. First you will enter your UK phone number that must start with +44. Then you will enter your details such as name, adress, username, password, age and more.

Payment Methods

Here you will find all of the most popular payment methods. Everything from the most common ones such as Visa and MasterCard but also more uncommon ones such as PhoneBILL and Paysafecard. To make a deposit is free of charge.

cashmo casino

Claim Bonus

As a new player, you can claim up to 50 free spins as well as a depositing bonus. To make sure that the current bonus is active make sure to go directly to the casino and read the bonus terms and conditions.

Play Games

If you love slots this is a casino brand for you. You can easily switch between all the new and state of the art slot machines from the most innovative game developers in the world. If you like to play at jackpot slots there are also many jackpots that you can check out.

Use the Customer Service

It is a great idea to check the customers service at different stages. You want to have a professional support that always are there to help no matter what concerns you might have. Make it a habit to talk to the customer service as least once every 10 time you are playing.

Make withdrawal

When you have been playing for a while and want to make a withdrawal some casinos are not that nice. We had a quick and convenient experience when we wanted to cash out.

Summary of Cashmo Casino

To sum this post up about Cashmo Casino we only have good things to say. To open an account is easy so you can start your gambling experience quickly. Everything from deposit money, claim bonus, talk to support, play games and make a withdrawal is easy. We recommend this brand new Cashmo Casino from the UK licensed market in 2019.

Arsenal versus Chelsea on Saturday

There are many fun football games to bet on in 2019 but there a few better than others. The game between Arsenal and Chelsea is supposed to be one of the best games of the season. It is expected high amounts in betting and many companies are giving extra bonuses and offers to make the experience even better. At they are writing about this game of the games for 2019. It will be a fun game to watch. Continue reading this post to learn more about the game and get some tips on what team you should bet on!

Current position in the league

Chelsea is currently ranked 4 in the Premier League and Arsenal 5. If Chelsea wins they have the chance to reach number 3 in the league and still have a chance for the top positions. Arsenal is already quite a few points behind but things can happen quickly in football. Both teams have a quite healthy team and which make the preparation good. This is a home game for Arsenal.

Which team to bet on?

Betting is always risky and there are no guarantees. If you check the statistics is says the Arsenal has a 32% chance of winning and Chelsea 41%. The rest 27% is for a draw. This makes the odds for Arsenal winning pretty good. Arsenal is the home team. They have had a few quite good games in the past and are hungry to win again. Even though Chelsea is the favourite we actually think that to bet on Arsenal in this game is a better play. It is a tricky game so you might want to wait until the actual game happens and play a so-called live betting bet. Then you can quickly understand the feeling of the game.

arsenal chelsea 2019

To summarise Arsenal vs Chelsea 19 of January

To end this post we would like to say that this is a tough play. We believe that both teams have the same chance of winning. The point is that Arsenal has higher odds and should therefore be seen as a better alternative to place your money on. Remember that you have to be 18+ to play with money. Only play at licensed casino sites in the UK and play for fun. Best of luck.

Halloween Slot

If you want to play a creepy game that will chill your blood – then you should definitely try
Halloween. This is a game made by Microgaming. And Microgaming, in turn, is one of the biggest
iGaming studios in the world. So, you know that Microgaming has done the classic movie
“Halloween” adequate justice. It’s a very fun slot game to play. And the fans of the original series will
definitely enjoy it. Online casinos all over the United Kingdom offer this game, at can you find the newest ones!

Theme of the Halloween slot from Microgaming

So, the theme is that of the Halloween movie – starring Jamie Lee Curtis. The game’s theme follows
very closely the theme of the movie. You will get to recognize many of the most important
characters in the movie as symbols. Even the music of the game is that of the movie. In the
background, you will see a house. The weather is bad – ominously predicting the things to come.

From time to time, you will get to see Mike Myers himself coming in the background. If you’re not
prepared for it, then you may be genuinely frightened by his appearance. To that end, the theme is
beautifully drawn and illustrated and you will have a fantastic time with it.


Now, as for the gameplay – this game isn’t really rich with many features. You just need to select the
bet that you wish to put in and spin the reels. There are 50 pay lines at any given point in time. The
main special feature of the game is the wandering reels. There will be a group of reels that will
constantly change places. And there will be one huge block of symbols that can fill out the entire
wandering reel. This can bring you big winnings if you’re lucky enough. As can the wild symbol –
being able to replace all the other symbols except the scatter.

halloween slot microgaming

And the scatter will be able to activate the bonus game. In it, you will get to spin a wheel first. There
will be multiplier bonuses and various characters of the game. After you pick one of the characters,
the free spins start out. And then you can win money by getting the picked character for the
duration of the bonus game.

In conclusion

Regardless if it’s Halloween season – you will still have a fantastic time playing Halloween. Good
horror works out regardless of the time of the year. If you’re up for getting shivers down your spin,
be sure to try out Halloween by Microgaming at a new online casino 2019 now.

New review: Wicked Tales Dark Red by Microgaming

If you have played online slots, then you’ve definitely heard about Microgaming. This is a company that continues to dish some of the best slots. And one of their slots goes by the name of Wicked Tales: Dark Red. It’s a slightly odd name for a slot game – however, it’s definitely worth it to give it a try. Be sure to check the review below in order to learn more about the game. Check out our earlier review on Witchcraft, the NetEnt slot, in our previous post.

How to play the game

The base structure of Wicked Tales: Dark Red is not what you usually find in slot games. However, at the core, you can still put this game under your grasp. There are 25 pay lines – and this is somewhat of a standard for slots. The return to player rate is set at 96.1%. This is above the standard of 95% and it makes the game attractive to play. There’s also the option to use the autoplay feature. You can set the number of autoplay spins that you wish the game would go through on its own.

And the base is simple – just select your bet size first and then hit the spin button. The reels start spinning and you get a combination of symbols. They will either win you some money or lose you some money. And now onto the game’s special features.

Special features of Wicked Tales

dark red microgaming slotThe game’s specialty is the special features. It can take a while for any person to get to know how they work. But if you give it some thought, you will get to know how they work. The first unusual thing is the Wandering Reels feature. There will be three reels that will move together in three different position – left, center, and right. The reason why this is important is that there are jumbo blocks that can cover these reels. You can win some money with their help.

If you get three scatter symbols, then you activate the Wolf’s Wheel Bonus. The Wolf’s Wheel Bonus can give you 10 different cash prizes in the form of multipliers. The maximum multipliers you can get out of this is 20x. Also, if you get all the cash prizes, you will get an additional 20x multiplier.

When the Wolf’s Wheel Bonus points towards a character or a chest – you will get the appropriate bonus. If it shows towards a character – you will get 9 free spins. If it shows the chest, then you will get the option to choose a cash prize, a wolf, or an axe. You will get an appropriate bonus from this.

In conclusion

You will have a lot of fun by playing Wicked Tales: Dark Red by Microgaming. The game can seem convoluted initially, but once you get the hang of it, you will have a blast. Check out some great new casinos to find out where you might be able to play this.

How to find the best new UK casinos in 2019?

Since the new year soon is here, we want to give you a heads up on how players from the United Kingdom should do to best find new casinos in 2019. There are a couple of good comparison sites that help you out, one of our favourites to find a new casino 2019 is with a lot of helpful information. Due to the number of new brands always coming to the UK market, it is crucial to get some help finding the right casino site. Now we will look into this more and see how to find the best new UK casino 2019, and what to look out for.

Where to look?

As mentioned, we like to go to different comparison sites to get updated with all the latest casinos. New Casino Star focuses on the UK market, something that is quite important for us Englishmen. Many casinos only have licenses in Malta for example, and they are not possible to play at in the United Kingdom. It is time-consuming to visit brands that won’t accept you as a player, why it is quicker and easier to get a list of only UK casinos 2019. Also, if you are mainly looking for new casinos, this site lists exactly that.

find the best new uk casinos 2019

What to look for?

New casinos give you the possibility to claim a welcome bonus. Even though they usually are connected with wagering requirements and other terms and conditions, many players prefer to take advantage of this. This is why we like sites that compare mainly new casinos.

Another, according to us, important thing is that they are built on a platform we like. Aspire Global for instance is a platform that we believe gives you a good experience. Also, some new UK casinos are built on an own platform. Sometimes, this is good – sometimes not. We do like when there are a lot of unique features and a theme that goes to whole way. By reading reviews on sites such as you can quite fast see if this is something that is being offered at a specific casino.

That was it, we hope this will help you out a bit while looking for new and interesting casino sites in the United Kingdom in 2019!

WitchCraft Academy – Fun slot or not?

Here is my short review of the NetEnt slot Witchcraft Academy. Of course there are many slots that release in the year 2019 that is very cool. But with the June 2018 release of NetEnt’s Witchcraft Academy comes a spellbinding online slot machine game that can give players thrills and chills. The game is loosely based on the popularity of book and movie franchises. Such as Harry Potter. In fact, both the theme of and soundtrack to the game will seem familiar to fans. Especially of those to the Harry Potter novels.

Graphics and Symbols of the slot game worthy 2019

Set against the backdrop of a school library, the reels are transparent. The symbols seen on them use just the right colors to perfectly set the mood. The game is led by a witch named Efora and a wizard named Earthan. These factor prominently into the bonus feature. Aside from the human symbols, others seen on the reels include a magical dragon. There is also a magical owl as well as hearts, spades and clovers. Earthan is the symbol on the reels that holds the most value.

witchcraft academy slot game

Witchcraft Academy bonus, wild and scatter symbols are used to make game play profitable, as they each boast their own functions. The wild symbol, a yellow background with the letters “U” and “S” in red, often becomes an expanding or stacked wild. The bonus symbol is the word “Bonus” in yellow type, set against a purple and gold background. Its only function is to reward players with the Elements bonus, which is activated after three scatter symbols land on the reels within a single spin.

Elements Bonus at Witchcraft

When the Elements bonus begins, players are presented with a chess board containing oversized statues and prizes that reward players with free cash, spins or multipliers. They must then choose whether or not they want to play as Earthan or Efora. Whichever one they choose then fires shots at the chess board. Having gotten three of the scatter symbols in order to trigger this bonus, players get three choices. This means that they can choose Efora once and Earthan twice, or vice versa. Each time they choose one or the other, they can shoot at the board three consecutive times.

Players that destroy each piece on the game board then have a chance to shoot at the bonus symbols. These are found directly behind them. Bonus symbols add certain features to a player’s free spins. Such as a multiplier or sticky wilds. Free spins begin after a player has shot the chess pieces and their bonus symbols. While free spins are being played, there is always the potential to trigger as many as 20 more of them, if the bonus symbol appears during those free spins.

Final Thoughts

For fans of Harry Potter, Witchcraft Academy is a real treat. However, due to the unique aspects of the bonus game, it is just as much of a treat for those who aren’t. For many players, the best part about this game is that the demo version starts them out with an extremely large bank roll that allows them to explore everything the game has to offer without risking their own money to do so. If you like this game, you might want to check it out in the mobile casino version of the game from the platform NetEnt Touch. Have fun!

Some great new casinos this year

Business is booming in the world of casinos 2019. It seems that there are new UK online casinos that spring up on a weekly basis. While this phenomenon has its own benefits, it’s certainly not without some drawbacks as well. For one, you can’t really be sure about the honest approach of the new casinos, as some of them are liable to be scammers. Everything may seem well at the outset, but at the moment when you try to withdraw your hard-earned winnings, you’ll get an error message, telling you that your funds are frozen.

But overall, most new casinos are fully legal and legit, and you won’t have to worry about a thing while playing at them. So, in order to help you out in finding the best new casinos 2019, we have made a short list for you with basic reviews. Be sure to check it out.

new casinos 2019

Some picks of new casinos this year

So, we’ll get things going by introducing Spinland casino. This new online casino was created only recently, but right at the outset you can be sure that they are here to stay. You can immediately realize this if you consider the welcome bonus offer that the players can benefit from here. It’s advertised as the “out of this world welcome offer”, and this description is not far from the truth. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions of any type of bonus you want to take part in! 18+ always apply to gamble, and many other rules and laws. So read all these terms before playing.

If you wish a variety in the slot machine games that you wish to play in the new online casinos, then you need to seek no further than Sloty casino. It was created only recently – in the summer of last year. You will be able to get a welcome bonus on your initial deposit. On top of this, you will get some spins at the slot machines, which is no small potatoes. Again, there’s a huge variety in the slot games, which will keep you entertained for hours on end. Check their website for the latest and most current offering.

Finally, Casilando is a place where you must make a stop. You will get a welcome bonus on top of your initial deposit. It’s a great place to visit, and a worthy new casino. The games are fun and the design of the casino is also very colourful and happy. Check it out for the latest offers and game selection this year.

The “crème de la crème” of new casino 2019

While there are many new casinos that spring up on a daily basis – the three casinos that we have mentioned might be the crème de la crème, at least according to us. Be sure to check them out, we can nearly guarantee that you will like them. If no one of these is your cup of tea, there sure are even more places to check out. Just be sure to always check before so that the casino is licensed and serious in every way. Good luck with your endeavours!

Reasons to gamble at mobile casinos

Mobile casinos are a relative novelty in the world of gambling. Not that long ago the biggest chance in the world of gambling was the introduction of the so-called online casinos. Not that long ago if you wanted to gamble then you had to go to a traditional casino and try your luck there. But nowadays all you need in order to be able to gamble is a device from which you can access the internet, and access to the internet.

So of course, you could play at the online casinos whenever you felt like it, but you could do this from bigger devices such as desktops and laptops. Well, as we’ve said, the biggest addition nowadays in the world of gambling is the invention of the so-called mobile casinos. And nowadays you can gamble with your favourite games on your mobile phone. Like always, there are things to consider here as well, such as reading terms and conditions of casinos and bonuses. Check out our post on what to be aware of regarding casino bonuses here.

The many benefits of the mobile casinos 2019

mobile casino 2019The good side of the online casinos was the fact that you didn’t even need to leave your home in order to play. But the flip side was that you had to be in your home in most cases – or you needed to bring your laptop with you – the laptop being a somewhat impractical device for bringing with you wherever you go. Well, if you have worked at someplace outside, then you could still play the casino games but now on your mobile phone – which is infinitely more practical for wearing with you whenever you go than say a laptop or a tablet.

Now, in order to use this opportunity to gamble online, you will have to find a casino that has made a version of its website that’s compatible with mobile phones. And you’re in luck because nowadays most casinos realize that there is huge potential in the mobile casino market, so they adapt their casino websites for mobile phones. And there are many online casinos 2019 in the UK so you can be pretty sure that you will find one such website and play on your cell phone whenever you feel like it.

The best way to enjoy mobile phone gambling

In order to get the best of the best of this experience, you will have to invest in a good quality smartphone. You could, of course, gamble on a watered down cheap version of a smartphone that you have bought from a local clothes shop – but the experience that you will get from playing on this type of phone will be lacklustre. You will also need access to solid speed internet in order to get the best of the best of the experience of online mobile gambling. Either way, these requirements are not all that expensive or impossible to procure. All it takes is a small investment of money, and you’re all set to play wherever you have access to the internet from your cell phone, and whenever you feel like it. Get right to it and enjoy playing!

What to be aware of regarding casino bonuses

It all seems so simple when it comes to using the online casino bonuses. While it’s a fact that most of these bonus offers are no scams, and you can still use them for your benefit – there are still some caveats that you need to be aware of. After all, who in the world would give you money for absolutely free? Everybody expects a return on their investment, and this is exactly the case when you consider the online casinos.

So, what do you need to keep in mind when you’re about to make a deposit and gamble away? It all seems like a fun, easy experience, and it is exactly like that in most cases.

be aware of casino bonuses

The caveats to the online bonuses

The first caveat to the online bonuses is the fact that some online casino bonus offers are outright scams. That’s right – if you find a bonus offer that looks too good to be the truth – then it probably is. Be wary of offers that tell you that you can get 6000 if you JUST deposit 50  “in good faith”. And in such a case you may even get the 6000, but the system may be rigged against you, so that you will lose all of the 6000 regardless of anything else. But you will still think that you have had it all and you will continue to be loyal to this particular scammy website. Beware.

The second important thing is the terms and conditions. Every online casino has its own document with the terms and conditions under which you will be able to play at the casino and use the bonus offers. Typically they are not that large of a document, so you will be able to read through it all in less than half an hour or so. But it contains useful information regarding the bonus offers in specific, and what you will need to do in order to use them up. Read carefully and take notes.

There will typically be a wager that you will have to go over in order to be able to withdraw all of the winnings that you will make by using the bonus offer. This is typically 30x or 40x, meaning that you will have to spin your bonus sum 30 or 40 times before you will finally be allowed to withdraw the winnings that you have made from using it. There are some casinos that require no wager for the bonus offers – which is why you would want to do some research and check the terms and conditions of various online casinos.

If you think you have gambling problems or want to know more about gambling problems, go to that is a very good source of information about this. It is very important to understand responsible gambling and be 18+ of age at least.

The good side of the online bonuses

The good side about the online casino bonuses is that you will get a thing that’s as close to “free money” as it can get. You can use this money in order to get the gist of the experience of what it’s like to play at a particular gambling website, without actually investing a lot of money in the process. So, have fun!

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