UK casino and sports betting site enters Nigeria – Blackbet!

For people in the UK that is interested in sports betting, Blackbet has been a famous brand for some time now. The Blackbet website is provided by FSB Technology Ltd in the UK and has a full licence and is regulated by the Gambling Commission. Except for a large focus on sports bet, people in the United Kingdom has also been able to play on many different casino games. Now, this huge betting site has moved to Africa and started up Blackbet Nigeria. Naturally, we had to take a quick look at this new Nigerian betting site and how it differs from the UK one. We have some Nigerian readers since English is the main spoken language in Nigeria. Due to this, we thought this might be of interest for some of you. And, this is a clear sign of more and more gambling sites stepping into African territory.

Blackbet in Nigeria – What is new?

So, even though it looks the same at the first line of sight, there might be something that is different between the Nigerian and English version of this site. Except, of course, the currency and some other classic stuff, we found some interesting things.

blackbet nigeria
Blackbet enters Nigeria

First off, at the moment it doesn’t hold a casino section at all actually. We have heard that this is about to change in the future. But, at the moment Nigerian players don’t seem to gamble a lot on slot machines and poker tables. Sports betting is their one and only thing, why this is what we see a lot of.

But it’s not only bad stuff with the Nigerian Blackbet version. The recently launched Super Sunday Bonus is something that we sure miss out on in the UK. Every Sunday, you get to claim a 20% bonus when making a deposit. So, if you are going to gamble at Black bet in Nigeria, think about making your big deposits on Sundays!

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